Skills and Must Have Qualities of a Team Member

Teams are formed when individuals with a similar interest, taste, need and even attitude work together to achieve a common goal. Conflicts must be avoided among the team members so that they are able to concentrate on their work and do not lose their focus and concentration. Every individual is not a good team player and requires skills to successfully work in a team. A team member must have certain qualities in him so that he is not only able to work in a team but also deliver results and grow both professionally and personally.

Let us go through some skills which a team member must have:

  • An individual should be a good communicator to be a good team member. He should be able to carefully put his thoughts into words for everyone to understand it well. He should be sensible enough to carefully choose his words for sharing his thoughts with others. One should master the art of speaking clearly and convincingly without confusing the listeners.
  • Be a little forgiving. Don’t unnecessarily drag issues .Take the initiative to say sorry and avoid making issues out of small things. Don’t take things to heart.
  • One has to be reliable and trustworthy to survive in a team. Do not ever discuss any issues with someone outside the team. It is no harm to make friends from the opponent team, but make sure you do not discuss business with him. Always learn to draw a line between your personal and professional lives .The strategies, agendas, critical issues of the team must not be discussed with anyone except those involved in it. Any information with you must not be leaked. Any team member might trust you and share something important and personal with you, don’t reveal his secret in front of your boss as well as others. It will hurt him.
  • You have to be a good listener to be an effective team player. Listen to other people as well. Don’t draw conclusions on your own. Sit with your team and discuss strategies and policies before implementing. Give a patient ear to your team members before coming to any decision.
  • Positive attitude is again a must for a team member. Do not spread negativity around. Avoid blame games and spreading unnecessary rumours.Sometimes ignore things which are not that important, rather than fighting over it. Avoid people who have a tendency to overreact. Don’t go by what others say, it is always better to follow your own instinct. One should never use derogatory sentences or lewd remarks against anyone in the team. Try to look at the positive aspects, instead of cribbing.
  • A team member must express his views in front of others. Do not sit quiet in meetings and seminars. Don’t assume that the others will laugh at you or make fun of your ideas.
  • Participate in discussions and try to make your point clear in front of your superiors and team mates. Convince them with valid reasons.
  • Be a little more focused and concentrate on your work rather than interfering in each other’s work. Always respect each other’s privacy .Remember you are paid for your work and not for gossiping and loitering around. One must have the zeal to work hard to achieve the team’s goal.
  • Be a little more creative. Everyone works hard but one who works smartly walks away with the credit. Be very clear about your roles and responsibilities and never take it as a burden.Accept the challenges with a smiling face. Always try to do something out of the box. Be a little more involved and serious about your work.
  • One has to be patient enough to work in a team. Don’t ever get hyper or react over petty issues. One should not unnecessarily indulge in conflicts and misunderstandings. Enter the office with a cool mind. Be a little more flexible. Avoid being adamant and rigid.
  • One should always be willing to help each other at the times of crisis. Be helpful and stand by your team members always .Never say ill about anyone in the team. Discuss issues face to face.
  • For any individual, his team must come first, and everything else should take a back seat. Do not always think about your personal interests.

The article is Written By “Prachi Juneja” and Reviewed By Management Study Guide Content Team.


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