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Alumni Unit

About Us

A Graduates Unit was established at Midocean University in 2021 to enhance ongoing communication among the university and its graduates. The University’s Graduates Unit is the body responsible for coordinating and preparing all the various programs and activities for graduates, with the purpose of ensuring continuity of communication with the university students after completing the requirements of the study programs and their graduation from the university.

Through communication with the graduates, the university also seeks to encourage them in participating in various activities with the goal of enhancing their giving and forming a network for social, professional and academic acquaintance among graduates to achieve sustainable belonging and continuous interaction among the university and its graduates. It also aims to provide mutual support and constrictive participation, in addition to promoting innovative ideas and encouraging creativity as well as continuous self-development.


The university looks forward to establishing a leading graduates unit in the Arab world and internationally to motivate graduates and support effective communication with both of them and the societal parties.


Midocean University strives to enhance communication and spread the spirit of belonging among its graduates to enhance their giving and develop their skills. This is through expanding the bridges of cooperation with institutions, bodies, local and international community.


  • Leadership by providing outstanding services and events for graduates.
  • Communication by establishing sustainable relationships with university graduates.
  • Loyalty by encouraging university graduates to participate and invest in the university’s progress.
  • Engagement through graduates giving and volunteering in various university activities.
  • Empowerment by providing opportunities and initiatives that contribute to developing graduates’ skills and experiences.
  • Creativity by promoting innovative ideas, encouraging creativity and providing opportunities for it    through the university’s outlets.
  • Self-development by spreading a culture of continuous development and improvement.


  • Establishing graduates association that represents a global network of relationships include the university graduates from leaders, creators and innovators.
  • Forming a network for social, professional and academic acquaintance among graduates.
  • Achieving sustainable belonging and continuous positive interaction among the university and its graduates.
  • Enhancing loyalty and communication among the university and graduates.
  • Providing mutual support and enhancing sustainable ties among graduates, the university, the community and employers.
  • Identifying the level of job performance of graduates and the professional problems they face in the bodies in which they work, then benefiting from this information to set the study programs at the university.
  • Establishing a database of graduates in their various specializations.
  • Establishing a database of various employers that open training and employment opportunities for them.
  • Providing graduates with opportunities that fit their skills and are compatible with the labor market and its requirements.
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