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Conditions & Criteria for Admission to PhD Program

1- Successfully passing any test or personal interview, and fulfilling any other conditions determined by the Administration of Registration and Admission and which announced at the time of admission.
2- Paying tuition fees of the semester according to the due fees of each program, knowing that the fees are not retrievable in case of regression from the university.

1-The applicant must have at least a master’s degree to meet the minimum entry qualifications. 

2- Passing the personal interview in Arabic.

• Enter the university’s website and click the option “Register”.
• Fill out the Enrollment Application Form, which is divided into three parts: Academic Information – Student Information – Upload Files.
• Attach the Master’s certification in PDF format.
• Attach the student’s Academic Record in PDF format, with a GPA of no less than 4/5.
• Attach Personal ID or Passport in PDF format.
• Read the Regulation of the Registration and Admission, agree on it then click the option “Submit”.

• Admission for the PhD program of Everyone’s Smart University is allowed three times per year before every semester (as the university apply the triple semesters system) as per the scheduled period in the academic calendar announced on the university’s website.
• Admission requests are submitted through the Admission page on the official university’s website.
• After submission, the Administration of Admission and Registration reviews requests, then sends feedback via the email address added within the request.
• Applicants with higher GPAs are prioritized in admission, then those with lower GPAs.
• Tuition fees are paid through payment link sent via email address added within the request, then a the academic number is issued after payment is confirmed and the admission requirements are fulfilled.
• As the university’s philosophy is “Learning is everyone’s right”, so we accept students form all nationalities.

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