About Midocean University

Midocean University Executive Branch in Fujairah

Midocean University has established an executive branch in Fujairah, the United Arab Emirates, to run the central education platform and handle the day-to-day activities of the e-learning resources to ensure that operations run efficiently and effectively. Midocean University Fujairah Executive Branch is an educational institution with registration no. B-113250-23 and license no. 4248A from Fujairah Freezone. It offers online higher education services. The university is a branch of Midocean University, accredited and licensed by the Ministry of Education at the United Republic of the Comoros with no. MENERSFIP/SG/110-22. It offers its services on a wide and unlimited range. In addition, It has many international accreditations and partnerships.
The university is an investment of Everyone’s Smart University Holding Group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with registration no. 1010664457

"Founder's message of Midocean University"

To my sons and daughters, my brothers and sisters, everywhere in the world...

To you, I send all my love, appreciation, and hope that you contribute to the progress of your nations, the prosperity of your societies, and their stability.

Midocean University is the foundation of knowledge, the initiative for development, and the embodiment of solidarity and cooperation among peoples. It is the most precious flowers in my garden and the truest reflection of my conscience. I implore you to preserve it and bring it to life through knowledge and action, and do not hesitate to pray for us, our parents, our kingdom, and our ruler.

With love,

Nasser bin Ibrahim bin Saad Al-Muhaimid.

Nasser bin Ibrahim bin Saad Al-Muhaimid


Our Vision

To be the first institution to adopt the concept of cooperative educational community, and offer science for work for developing and building societies.

Our Mission

To impart knowledge, encouraging innovation, and offering higher educational programs using a high-quality content for affordable prices that suit everyone.

Our philosophy

Science and learning are everyone’s right, and the society members are responsible for maintaining this right.

Our Pledges

To never obstruct anyone from having his right to learn.

Values and Goals

Our values

  • Scientific Integrity in researching and imparting knowledge, non-monopoly, and introducing open knowledge resources.
  • Offering education for everyone unconditionally, with no over-pricing.

Our goals

  • Enabling all members of Arab societies all over the world to complete their academic education.
  • Imparting knowledge via Arabization and translation.
  • Encouraging sharing and solidarity between the society members.
  • Increasing the Arabic contents available, and enriching the Arabic content libraries with researches and translations.
  • guiding the educational activities to be developmental activities on the ground.

The university always seeks to raise the level and efficiency of its outcomes. Therefore, it invests a lot of resources for this purpose, also sets high-quality standards to help achieving it

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