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A Story of Success

Share your experience and story of success via the university’s platforms.

Contact us to arrange a virtual live meeting with the university’s graduates and students, in which you can talk about your experience and its aspects of innovation and uniqueness.

Midocean Podcast

If you have some unique experience, knowledge or story of success that is sharing-worthy, you can share it with us through a voice record that we help you to produce professionally via the university’s platforms. You’ll be able to tell us about the most significant reasons of your success, in addition to the university’s role in helping you achieve your goals.

Present a Workshop

We welcome the featured contributions of our graduates, so we’d love to invest their capabilities to present the best workshops to the university’s graduates and students.

The workshop subject will be selected in coordination with the Alumni Unit.

The workshop’s duration is defined according to the trainer and the subject of training, knowing that the training hours should be no less than 2 hours and no more than 4 hours.

The workshop will be recorded to select some quotes to be viewed on the university’s platforms, in addition to summarizing its most significant elements to be viewed on YouTube.

A Distinct Symposium for All

If you have a significant subject to be addressed in a symposium via a virtual live meeting for Midocean’s audience, then please contact us to arrange the meeting.

Free Consultation for You

The Unit offers written consultations or direct communication with the university’s staff and its experts for providing support and professional guidance for the university graduates. Just contact us and explain your issue to receive the suitable consultation.

Honorable Cooperation

The university appreciates the graduates’ cooperation in building a communication with their work institutions or their circles to provide any training or employment opportunities for their outstanding colleagues in the various specializations offered by the university.


Our graduates are offered a certificate of appreciation for their contributions in any of the Alumni Unit activities. Furthermore, everyone who attends meetings, symposiums and training courses is offered a certificate of attendance from the university.


The Unit offers 2 awards every year. Terms of the awards are announced on the university’s website and social media pages.


The Unit is pleased to receive your suggestions and ideas for activities, meetings and symposiums, in addition to the willingness to present these events, via the email address of the Unit.

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