Bachelor of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the best option and most effective way for companies and individuals to market services and goods online through various digital marketing means and channels. Through the Bachelor of Digital Marketing program students can learn how to use digital means of communication in content management and marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), corporate identity and brand industry, as well as how to use digital means of communication to meet the needs and aspirations of consumers. After graduating, students will understand how to incorporate online reputation management into general company marketing initiatives.

10 trimester, three semesters per year.

  • Acquisition of the basics and skills of digital marketing, and its applications on the Internet and social networks.
  • Acquisition of content creation and management skills on websites, social networking sites, and various electronic applications.
  • View the strategies of digital marketing means through practical models, and indicators of web analysis results.
  • Understand the theories of digital marketing, and the ethics of marketing practice in the digital era, by reviewing the legislation and laws governing advertising and marketing work.
  • Use the skills acquired during this program to creatively improve search engine results, brand management, and corporate reputation on websites.
  • Understand the recent trends of digital marketing, and market needs through user studies and research, and interactive design studies.
  • Acquire electronic communication skills and serve the public on digital marketing means to achieve the strategic objectives of the organization.
  • Employing crisis communication in digital means of communication by developing a clear plan to deal and respond to crises effectively.

There are many job titles in the field of marketing, and job requirements and responsibilities can vary and are frequently based on particular interests and skill sets. Digital marketing is one of the creative fields that is based on professionalism and professionalism in business performance, and organizations and companies rely on creators and professionals to perform digital marketing tasks. Upon completion of the Digital Marketing Program, students will be qualified for various jobs and companies, such as:

  • Marketing and advertising companies.
  • Content creation companies..
  • Media websites.
  • Public Relation firms.
  • Media organizations.
  • Advertising agencies.
  • Branding companies.

In addition to the above positions, students can also meet the growing demand for digital media professionals in service sectors such as:

  • Economy.
  • Digital Media.
  • Non-profit organizations.
  • Communication and information technology.
  • education.


To get the degree in Bachelor of Digital Marketing, the student must finish not less than 126 credit hours.

The program fees are $450 per semester.


The program is presented entirely in Arabic.

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursPrerequisites
Year 1- Term 1
MKT111Introduction to Digital Marketing3
ENG101‎‎English Language 15
DGM113Introduction to Communication3
MKT112Marketing Communication3
Year 1- Term 2
MKT122Advertising and Marketing theories3MKT111
ENG102English Language 25ENG101
MKT123Digital Advertising3
MKT124Foundations and Skills of Persuasion3
Year 1- Term 3
MKT135Advertising & Marketing Laws and Ethics4
ENG201Business English3ENG102
DGM135Introduction to Public Relations3
CMM201Communication Skills3
Year 2- Term 1
MKT211Advertising & Marketing StrategiesMKT123
MKT212Content Production for Digital Marketing
MKT213Marketing Data Analysis
Year 2- Term 2
MKT224Digital Marketing Campaigns3MKT212
MGM112Introduction to Economics3
MGM111Principles of Management3
DGM226Media & Society3
Year 2- Term 3
MKT235Identity & Brand Industry3MKT224
MGM223Writing & Presentation Skills3
MKT236The Economics of Digital Marketing3
PMG101Principles of Project Management3
Year 3- Term 1
MKT311Social & Political Marketing3MKT235
MKT312Marketing through Modern Technologies3
DGM315Media Psychology3
MKT313Crisis Communications Management3
Year 3- Term 2
MKT323Case Studies in Digital Marketing3MKT311
MKT324Mobile Marketing3MKT312
MKT325Integrated Marketing Communications3
MGM333Introduction to Research Methods3
Year 3- Term 3
MKT336Digital Presence and Viral Marketing3MKT325
MKT337Corporate Reputation Management3
DGM335Media issues3
DGM336Media Research Methods3
Year 4- Term 1
DGM411Media Organizations Management3
MKT411Organizing Special Activities & Events3MKT336
MKT421Negotiation & Customer Service3
MKT500Graduation Project3
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