Bachelor of Digital Media

Digital media content is a vital form of communication and marketing that companies can use to communicate with their target audience. The Bachelor of Digital Media provides opportunities for students to explore modern digital communication trends and technologies, including various digital media theories, standards, and technologies, and learn how to use these media tools to meet any challenges in today’s media environments. Students will explore different aspects of digital media and gain strong knowledge, including theoretical and practical industry-based understanding. This program is delivered online, focusing strongly on theories, skills, and ideas through theoretical and practical approaches to digital media challenges and solutions. Students will be assessed by individual and assignments.

Upon the completion of this  program, students will be able to:

  • Acquire a critical understanding of social and individual issues involving digital media; apply digital media tools to create projects that assess technology’s impact on culture and society.
  • Improve the student social media strategy by incorporating practical solutions to make effective social media decisions via analytics.
  • Grasp the ethical theories and address digital moral problems involving common practices in digital media through various ethical framework applications.
  • The student will use the skills they acquired from this program to improve their creative team management and leadership.
  • Formulate entrepreneurial strategies to explore new opportunities, address problems, and cultivate innovation in digital media.
  • Employ digital content direction strategies in different platforms to achieve organizational objectives.
  • Exhibit effective handling of social media crises through the creation of an optimal management plan and recognition of the best response to various crisis situations

Given the countless number of industries looking for professionals with digital media skills, job requirements and responsibilities can vary and they are often based on specific interests and skill sets. Upon finishing the digital media program, students will be qualified for various industries, such as:

  • Publishing Companies
  • News Services
  • Media Outlets
  • Public Relations
  • Digital Agencies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Branding Companies

Apart from the aforementioned industries, students may also fill the growing demand for digital media specialists in non-creative-focused sectors such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Education

To get the degree in Bachelor of Digital Media, student must finish not less than 126 credit hours.

The program fees are $450 per semester.


The program is presented entirely in Arabic.

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursPrerequisites
Year 1- Term 1
DGM111Introduction to Digital Media3
ENG101English Language 15
DGM113Introduction to Communication3
MGM111Principles of Management3
Year 1- Term 2
DGM122Theories of Communication 3
ENG102English Language 25ENG101
DGM123Journalistic Writing3
DGM125Graphic Design for the Media3
Year 1- Term 3
DGM131Media Ethics and Legislations4
ENG201Business English3ENG102
DGM135Introduction To Public Relations3
MGM204Principles of Marketing3
Year 2- Term 1
STA201Probability & Statistics4
MGM223Presentation and Writing Skills3
DGM212News Writing & Journalistic Report3
Year 2- Term 2
DGM221Digital Photojournalism3
MGM112Introduction to Economics3
DGM224The Art of Writing and Expression3
DGM226Mass Media and Society3
Year 2- Term 3
DGM231Data Journalism3
DGM233Journalism advertising and digital marketing3
DGM235Investigative Journalism3
PMG101Foundations of Project Management3
Year 3- Term 1
DGM311Mobile Journalism3
DGM313The Economics of Digital Media3
DGM315Media Psychology3
CMM201Communication Skills3
Year 3- Term 2
DGM321Study Cases in Digital Media3
DGM323Publication Layout and Production3
DGM325Journalism and E-Campaigns3
MGM333Introduction to Research Methods3
Year 3- Term 3
DGM333Media Creativity3
DGM335Media Issues3
DGM336Research Methodologies for Media3
Year 4- Term 1
DGM411Management Of Media Organization3
DGM413Media Critique3
DGM414TV Production3
DGM500Graduation Project3
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