Bachelor of Management

The Bachelor of Management will help you understand the ins and outs of management practices in today’s most successful businesses and nonprofit organizations. You’ll spend time developing the analytical skills to enhance business processes at every level, while also strengthening the interpersonal skills you’ll need to keep an organization cohesive and employee morale high. At the end of the degree program, you will implement a complete business strategy in an experiential learning program, observing how different departments interact and guiding them toward the most successful outcome.

  • Understand and communicate basic management concepts and the role of managers within organizations and the marketplace.
  • Define and implement ethical standards and policies of corporate social responsibility.
  • Explore the global nature of management and strategically address the challenges of managing multinational enterprises.
  • Apply theories and principles of organizational behavior to managerial decision-making.
  • Formulate and implement strategies that build on the core competencies of a firm to demonstrate active management of an enterprise in a competitive environment.
  • Give coherent and effective business presentations.
  • Understand the management from difference aspects.
  • Use and integrate technology and information into managerial decision-making and operational processes, including qualitative and quantitative decision-making processes.

To earn a bachelor’s degree in Management, the student must complete a minimum of 126 semester hours of credit towards graduation.

The program fees are $250 per semester.


The concepts of the following courses will be delivered using a combination of online lectures, discussions, and dialogue around cases.


A case is a comprehensive exposition of real managerial cases describing a set of problems and requiring a plan of action. The case method provides a pragmatic framework for the learning process. Its success depends heavily on student preparation and active interaction in class discussions.

The main material and reference for each course will be the textbook mentioned in the course specifications. Lecture notes and slides are additional resources that are prepared by the professor.

After completion of the program, the graduate becomes eligible to work in several jobs, including:

- Director General
- Marketing Manager
- Managing Director
- Sales Manager

Courses are in English, with explanations provided in Arabic.

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Prerequisites
Year 1 – Term 1
ENG101English Language 15
MGM111Principles of Management3
PMG101Foundations of Project Management3
MGM112Introduction to Economics3
Year 1 – Term 2
ENG102English Language 25ENG101
MGM115Critical Thinking3
CMM201Communication Skills3
MTH112Business Mathematics3
Year 1 – Term 3
MGM227Principles of Accounting3
MGM201Feasibility Study3MGM111
MGM202Writing in Organizations3
ITC202Internet and Information Technology3
Year 2 – Term 1
MGM237Introduction to Finance3
ENG201Business English3ENG102
MGM204Principles of Marketing3
Year 2 – Term 2
STA201Probability and Statistics4
MGM243Human Resource Management3
MGM223Presentation and Writing Skills3
Year 2 – Term 3
MGM312Management Technologies3MGM111
MGM332Organizational Communication3
MGM341Accounting for Managers3MGM111 - MGM227
MGM354Quality Management3MGM111 - PMG101
Year 3 – Term 1
MGM323Change Management3MGM111
MGM331Principles of Management Information Systems3MGM111
MGM333Introduction to Research Methods3
PMG421Organizational Behavior and Projects3MGM111
Year 3 – Term 2
MGM414Strategic Management3MGM111
MGM424Financial Management3MGM111 -MGM237
MGM412Business Law3
MGM415Operations Management3MGM111
Year 3 – Term 3
MGM431Procurement and Supply Chain3MGM111
MGM433Decision Making3
MGM461Business Analysis3MGM111
MGM496Final Project 13MGM111 - PMG101
Year 4 – Term 1
MGM506International Business Management4MGM111
MGM510Risk Management3MGM111
PMG511Project Leadership3MGM111 - PMG101
MGM497Final Project 23MGM496
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