FAQ Students Activities

One of the initiatives that represents the university's principles to spread science and knowledge.

A student shall mention the university in a post on social media, or write the university's hashtag.

First, a student clicks on the Knowledge Ambassador wallet from the side menu on the academic platform (SIS), writes the participation title in the title field, clicks on “Create”, puts the post link in the link field, selects the request type from the field of choosing type, then clicks “Save” after completing the process.

Master’s students should earn 100 points throughout their study period, while Bachelor's students should earn 200 points throughout their study period.

A student can register via the registration link mentioned in the announcement post of the symposium/course/workshop.

The attendance link of the symposium/course/workshop shall be sent to students on the email address submitted in the registration link.

The certificate shall be sent on the email address submitted in the registration link within 2 days.

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