Master of Educational Leadership

    The Educational Leadership Program at Everyone’s Smart University aims at enhancing the educational leaders with the theoretical and scientific knowledge, which qualifies them to work as innovative leaders engaged in the progress to achieve the standards of excellence in education, and who are capable of leading educational institutions and keeping up with the rapid changes occurring around the world.

  • • To work on developing, embracing and supporting the mission, vision and common core values of high-quality education.
    • To provide learners with the needed knowledge and skills that qualify them to become educational leaders have the ability to achieve permeant development.
    • To develop the performance and effectiveness of teachers' professional capabilities in order to enhance the academic success in the educational process.
    • To foster a cooperative and open workplace culture and involve teachers in the ongoing professional development.
    • To create a clear vision for the evaluation, and leadership of modern science paths and their influence on all sides of the school community.
    • To develop the essential leadership skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity.
    • To meet the labor market's needs of the creative educational leaders needed in order to reach the desired standards of excellence.

Program axes are delivered through remotely panel discussions and taped lectures.

To obtain the Master's Degree in Educational leadership, the student must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours.

The program fees are $650 per semester.


- Dean of Student Affairs
- Head of the Department
- University's president
- Evaluation Specialist
- Academic Supervisor
- Executive Director

The program is presented entirely in Arabic.

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
Term 1
ELD711Contemporary Educational Leadership3
ELD712Education Planning3
RSC701Research Methods3
Term 2
ELD721Education Policies3
ELD723Theories of Educational Leadership3
LDR725Entrepreneurship and Innovation3
LDR721Leading Change3
Term 3
ELD731Learning Technologies3
LDR726Communication & Leadership3
LDR737Ethics in Leadership3
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