The Master of Entrepreneurship is an outstanding exciting program, that leverage your skills to lead innovation, acquire negotiations, leadership skills and apply design thinking to drive long-term career progression, improve business productivity and global competitiveness. This program is designed with a clear focus on the development of practical skills and opportunities for the application of knowledge to real-life organizational situations aiming to generate value and drive sustainable economic, social, technological, and organizational development.
Processes and mindset central to entrepreneurship and innovation that created throughout this program are equally important to new and early-stage ventures, and within existing organizations.

Upon graduation from the Master of
Entrepreneurship, students will learn to:

• Understand entrepreneurship essentials and its application in the recognition and exploitation of product/service/process opportunities.
• Explore innovation and the issues associated with developing and sustaining innovation within organizations.
• Design creative strategies for pursuing, exploiting and further developing new opportunities.
• Apply the latest trends in innovative thinking, learn to test new ideas, excel your creative problem-solving skills, and drive business growth in any organization or industry.
• Gain critical skill sets, techniques, and communication methods to become a crafty, collaborative negotiator.
• Understand the concepts of design thinking approaches.
• Secure and manage financial resources in new and established organizations.
• Become familiar with the process of conceiving a new product, building a minimum viable product (MVP), develop a complementary business model and plan, and test the market.
• Critically assess the relationship of brand narratives and imagery with brand resonance.
• Analyze the effectiveness of brand experiences, considering theoretical advances, managerial practices, and ethical considerations.
• Evaluate innovative practices within a global context.
• Evaluate financial and economical strategic planning models within organizations.
• Analyze corporate entrepreneurship productivity data associated with business development, growth, and sustainability.
• Apply key skills to plan, allocate and manage human and material resources within a global environment.
• Apply ethical, legal, and data-based decision making in management policies, procedures, and business recommendations.
• Analyze leadership strategies within a variety of business models.
• Demonstrate written and oral communication skills targeting business related purposes and audiences.
• Evaluate the implications of change and its impact on diverse stakeholders within the organization.
Each graduate will also have the essential tools necessary for starting new independent businesses or to work in advisory roles to new venture start-ups. It also gives graduates practical experience in research commercialization, as well as tools to proactively work in projects in highly uncertain or risky market environments.

The concepts of the following courses will be delivered using a combination of online lectures, discussions, and case studies. A case is a comprehensive exposition of real startups and new venture cases describing a set of problems and requiring a plan of action. The case method provides a pragmatic framework for the learning process. Its success depends heavily on student preparation and active interaction in class discussions.
The main material and reference for each course will be the suggested textbooks and related materials. Lecture notes and slides are additional resources that are prepared by the professor.

To earn a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, the student must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of credit upon graduation.

The program fees are $1200 per semester.


After completion of the program, the graduate becomes eligible to work in several jobs, including:

- Innovation consultant
- Chief Innovation Officer
- Operations Manager
- Digital Strategist
- Entrepreneurship Coach

Courses are in English, with explanations provided in Arabic.

Master of Entrepreneurship

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
Term 1
ENT611Entrepreneurship and Innovation3
ENT612Entrepreneurship Leadership & Organizational Behavior3
ENT614Product Analysis and Development3
Term 2
ENT621Design Thinking3
ENT623Influence and Negotiation Skills3
ENT624Entrepreneurial Strategies3
ENT628Corporate Entrepreneurship3
Term 3
ENT632Entrepreneurial Finance and Budgeting3
ENT634Entrepreneurial New Ventures3
ENT636Final Project3
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