Master of Health Administration

The Master of Health Care Administration program aims to prepare qualified administrative cadres to work in various fields of the health sector at the senior and middle management levels in various health care organizations.

It qualifies students for a wide variety of leadership roles in the health care sector, due to the program’s leadership and cognitive skills, analytical abilities, global perspective, and administrative tools necessary for the effectiveness and efficiency of leadership and management of health care institutions in both the public and private sectors.

The program also seeks to qualify students to carry out a wide range of activities and tasks required by the management of health organizations.

Carrying out administrative work responsibilities in all organizations operating in the health sector, including hospitals of various types, levels and specializations, major health centers in the regions, primary health care centers and other health care provision facilities, in addition to health directorates, health insurance companies and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Preparing and qualifying graduate students to fill middle and senior management positions in all health care organizations.
  • Preparing qualified and distinguished administrative cadres specialized in health administration to assume responsibility for managing the health system and its institutions, especially management and strategic planning to effectively deal with the ongoing social, economic, technical and cognitive changes in the health industry environment.

•Providing administrative cadres capable of dealing with the complex issues and problems facing health systems. These issues are due to the escalation of all production and provision of health services and ensuring the quality of these services and their equitable distribution to communities.•Providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to design, implement and evaluate sustainable solutions to ensure the quality of health care, ease of access, and contain its rising costs.

  • Apply theories and principles to address economic challenges related to quantity and quality, economic organization, and distribution of health care resources.
  • Analysis of different health service systems and health care service providers.
  • Identify the importance of information technology in health care management.
  • Learn about health care accreditation standards.

To obtain a master's degree in health administration, a student must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours.

750 US dollars per Trimester.

3 Trimesters (one academic year).

By the end of the Master of Health Administration program, you will be qualified to work in many positions such as:
• Healthcare manager.
•quality manager.
• Quality assurance consultant.
• Healthcare quality analyst.
• Specialized in quality and safety.
• Healthcare assistant.
• Quality improvement specialist.
Graduates can also work or contribute in many of the following sectors and fields:
• Health services management and hospital management.
• Strategic Planning Department.Health care system management.
• The field of teaching and training.
• Coordination and cooperation with health services institutions in the field of applied medical sciences.
•Insurance companies.
• Research and consultation.
•Public Health

The curricula are in English, with explanations provided in both English and Arabic.

Course CodeCourseCredit Hours
First Trimester
MHA611Healthcare Systems4
MGM603Managing People and Organizations3
MHA613Statistics in Healthcare3
Second Trimester
MHA621Healthcare Informatics3
HRM611Human Resource Management3
PMG671Leadership and Organizational Behavior3
MHA623Healthcare Quality3
Third Trimester
MHA631Health Insurance3
MHA633Health Law and Ethics3
MGM611Financial Accounting3
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