Midocean’s Fourth Graduation Ceremony

In a pleasant celebration held at “The Agenda” hall in Dubai, UAE, Midocean University organized its fourth graduation ceremony for 1630 of the Master’s graduates in the Colleges of Management, Informatics, Media and Marketing, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The ceremony was witnessed by His Excellency the Counsellor, Chairman of the University, in addition to college deans, graduates’ parents, and a number of prestigious officials in the United Aran Emirates and the Saudi Arabian Kingdom.

The ceremony included a speech of Dr. Mohammad Ahmad, CEO of the university, in addition to the professors’ speech given by Dr. Abdullah Al-Halawany.

Furthermore, the ceremony included folk arts, handing over the “Midocean Digital Idol” prize, and honoring a number of brilliant artists, among whom was the Egyptian actor Mohammad Heneidy after being selected by students as the best actor to represent a teacher character.

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