Academic Portal (SIS)

Midocean University allows students to obtain many services by accessing the academic portal, through which they can apply to study at the university. Also, it enables the administration to follow up the application requests, communicate with the applicants regarding completing admission and registration procedures, save and review payment data, as well as publishing students’ grades and their final cumulative average at the end of the semester.
Academic Portal Services:
Deleting and adding courses. The student can delete and add courses during the registration process at the beginning of each semester. Searching for course schedules. The student can search for a specific course or several courses if he/she chooses the courses himself/ herself. Reviewing the academic schedule in detail. Viewing the final grades of the student’s registered courses. Viewing a summary of all fees and payments related to the student’s financial account. Communicating with various university departments through the ticket system.

Educational Portal (Moodle)

It represents the main community among students and the course professor. It provides many educational services to students that can be summarized as follows:

Accessing to courses. The students can read and download courses through the Moodle portal.
Virtual classrooms through which the course professor meets with students to explain the lectures, in addition to direct and effective communication with them and answering their questions.
Information exchange circle, where the students can access extracurricular activities offered by the university through the Moodle platform.
The educational portal provides access to e-books that help students to solve the academic activities and assignments.
Conducting short tests that express the students’ regularity in studying, in addition to submitting assignments, research and conducting semester and final exams.

Tickets System

It is the mechanism through which the students can communicate with the university and submit requests and inquiries.
Steps to open tickets:
Go to the academic portal and log in by writing your username and password.
Click on the Ticket option, then click on Open New Ticket.
Choose the professional section of the ticket, then write the main topic and details in the box designated for that.
Files can be attached by clicking on the attached file icon.
Click on Open Ticket, then you will receive an email explaining the status of the ticket and the mechanism for following up on it.

WhatsApp Communication Service

Midocean University provides communication and inquiry service through WhatsApp, to ensure the best services and facilities for its students.

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