FAQ Finance

First: Make sure That the card used in payment (Visa - Mastercard) is valid.
Second: Make sure that the card's credit can cover the tuition fees and the bank charges (if any).
Third: Complete the required information in the Payment page accurately, then revise it before paying.
Fourth: Enter the confirmation code sent via phone messages to finalize the payment process.
Fifth: In case of payment failure, you can submit a ticket to the financial affairs to review and help in the payment process.

You can request the printed graduation document to be sent via mail through the student account on the academic platform (SIS). Visit “Forms”, select “Form of sending graduation certificate via mail”, complete the required information then pay the fees (noting that having a printed graduation document is optional).

The student shall be notified with the tracking information of the graduation certificate when it is printed and it will be sent within 10 days of the date of submitting the request of sending the certificate.

The university’s tuition fees shall be paid in Emirati Dirham (AED) as it is the official currency of payment for all of the university's services. You can also pay in all currencies available on your card, then the equivalent amount in AED shall be deducted from your account. Please note that some banks may add banking and transfer charges.

For new students:
The link of fee payment shall be sent to the student after completing the review of the enrollment request and the student is accepted.

For current students:
Fees are paid via the academic platform (SIS). The student visits (SIS), selects the icon “Registration for the trimester”, registers and pays the required fees.

The University has no system for installing or deferring tuition fees.

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