Master of Public Relations

The Master’s Program in Public Relations aims at developing creative leaders in the industry of public relation in the local and regional markets. This program enables them to formulate the appropriate strategic plans to manage and address the various types of crises, by providing students with the extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills. This can be achieved by expanding students’ knowledge of the history of communications, public relations, its ethics theoretical principles and concepts. In addition, this program provides students with the necessary skills that enable them to communicate effectively through various media in economic and social conditions, along with interacting with the public.

The Master’s Program in Public Relations Is Your Ideal Choice If You Want to:

Enhance your ability to address the institutions and develop their reputation locally and globally.
Prepare and implement the outstanding advertising ideas in creative ways.
Design advertising and promotional campaigns.
Supervise the official events and organize celebrations.
Work as directors of public relations departments in enterprises and companies.
Be a strategic communication planer in institutions.

The demand for the Master’s Degree in Public Relations has recently increased owing to the interrelated interrelationship between the specialization of public relations and multiple areas, which will increase the employment opportunities of graduates in areas beyond the field of public relations.

After graduating from the Master of Public Relations, the student will be able to:

  • Use skills to communicate with the public of institutions and enhance their reputation at the local and global levels.
  • Acquire the skills required to express the organization's mission, objectives and products.
  • Discover methods and procedures that are particularly effective in producing media related to the business and products of the enterprise.
  • Understand how advertising and its technologies are designed for the product marketing purposes.
  • Develop strategic plans for different enterprises and companies.
  • The concepts of the following courses will be delivered using a combination of online lectures, discussions, and dialogue around cases. A case is a comprehensive exposition of real managerial cases describing a set of problems and requiring a plan of action. The case method provides a practical framework for the learning process. Its success depends heavily on student preparation and active interaction in class discussions.


    The main material and reference for each course will be the suggested textbooks and related materials. Lecture notes and slides are additional resources that are prepared by the professor.


To earn a master’s degree in Public Relations, the student must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours upon graduation and successfully complete the required scientific seminars of the programs.

The program fees are $650 per semester.


After completion of the program, the graduate becomes eligible to work in several jobs, including:

- Marketing Assistant
- Public Relations Assistant
- Public Affairs Specialist
- Social Media Manager
- Public Relations Manager

The program is presented entirely in Arabic.

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Hours
Term 1
PRL611Public Relations Theories3
PRL613New Media3
PRL615Organizational Communication3
Term 2
PRL621Public Relations Management3
PRL622Public Relations Campaigns3
PRL624Public Relations Research Methods3
Term 3
PRL631Managing Crises3
PRL633Strategic Communication3
PRL637Public Relations Ethics3
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